2023 Summer Program Enrollment


    Summer Montessori offers a continuation of the foundational elements of our authentic Montessori program, with a focus on engaging physical and educational activities both indoor and outdoor to grow both body and mind.

    Gardening flowers and vegetables Nature Hikes
    Cooking / Baking with recipes Art Projects
    Lego Projects Chemistry Experiments
    Visits from community helpers Water activities

    MAB Summer will be absolutely filled to the brim with hands-on learning and fun. The best part, as always, is that our team of Master Montessori teachers will be with your child every step of the way! You won't find a faculty like ours anywhere else! Please select your weeks below.

    Please Note: primary students must enroll in a minimum of 5 weeks.

    Primary Discounted Pricing (Package Discount Shown in Bold):

    WEEKS 5 6 7 8 9 10
    8:30-12:30 0 $1685 0 $2022 75 $2284 75 $2621 100 $2933 100 $3135
    8:30-3:00 0 $2175 0 $2610 120 $2925 120 $3360 150 $3765 150 $4025
    8:30- 5:00 0 $2500 0 $3000 120 $3380 120 $3880 150 $4350 150 $4650

    Savings will be applied upon payment.


    In the Summer time, our Nido picks up where it left off at the end of the school year. We continue to provide a warm, nurturing, comfortable place which supports the individual developmental needs of each infant and we'll continue to partner with you so you can apply the same philosophy at home. Just like the older students, we’ll take advantage of the Summer weather, our shady wooded playground and the wonderful green spaces of the Belmont Greene neighborhood. It’s the perfect place for your infant to spend the lazy days of Summer, growing at his or her own pace. Please select your weeks below.

    Please Note: Nido students must enroll for a minimum of 4 weeks. Weeks may be non-consecutive.

    Nido Pricing:

    8:30-3:00 $485


    Summer in the Early Montessori classroom is a time to renew and strengthen friendships through shared experience and outdoor fun! Because they have been with them all year, the teachers know every student’s unique needs and interests. We'll also incorporate the Building Community theme as we introduce our youngest students to the world around them. It’s the perfect way to help your children continue the growth and development they have experienced up to now -and they’ll have a great time doing it! Please select your weeks below.

    Please Note: Early Montessori students must enroll for a minimum of 4 weeks. Weeks may be non-consecutive.

    Early Montessori Pricing:

    8:30-12:30 $400
    8:30-3:00 $475
    8:30-5:00 $535


    Payment Option 1: Full Payment Due on 6/1/2023Payment Option 2: Two Payments Due on 6/1/2023 and 6/15/2023

    Please select a minimum of 4 weeks (Nido and Early Montessori) or 5 weeks (Primary Kindergarten) in order to submit.