Montessori Academy at Belmont Greene Community

The Parent Experience
In your search for the perfect school, you’ve got so many things to consider. For good reason, you are focused upon your child’s experience. But Montessori extends to the entire family, so when you visit MAB, we want you to ask “What’s in it for parents?”

Unlike traditional daycares or preschools, which are adult-led classrooms, Montessori is a child-led experience. Our aim is that as the child grows, his or her responsibility will also grow. At the same time, the teacher’s responsibility will diminish. That’s exactly what every parent hopes to achieve at home.

Not only do we share your parenting goal, but the methods we use to help the child succeed work just as well at home as they do at school. In fact, Montessori is so much more than just an educational model. It is a way of being. A way to partner with your child to encourage life-long learning and independence.

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Family Activities Network (The FAN)
We’ve got a fantastic, diverse parent community. The FAN is our way of uniting everyone under the goal of giving back. We operate under as a charitable organization, dedicated to providing resources and support for students, parents and teachers of the Montessori Academy at Belmont Greene, though educational and social events. We are also committed to the pursuit of philanthropic endeavors which benefit local, national and international charities. Since 2001, we have supported numerous organizations in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia, and some of our efforts have reached as far as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Turkey.

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