Is day care really challenging your child?

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Your child’s day care is nice. The teachers are warm and nurturing. The room is clean and the toys are fun to play with. You and your child have been happy there. But lately, you’ve had this growing feeling that there is something more out there for your child.

close up of chinese child face playing with playing with painting **Note, slight blurriness at 100%, best at small size.

You’re right. It’s the Montessori Academy at Belmont Greene. We have the most experienced group of Montessori teachers in all of Loudoun County. We are experts in individualized education and we’ll meet your child right where he is to help him reach his full potential. We combine math, reading, writing, science, music, art, Spanish and the full gamut of social/emotional skills in a whole-child approach you won’t find anywhere else. Let us show you the Montessori difference.  Contact us today.

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