When is the right time to start reading? Let our Montessori teachers create a personalized learning plan for your child.

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When is the best time for your child to start reading?  So many factors make the answer to this question more difficult than it needs to be.  From your own school experience, the opinions of your family, friends, online bloggers, educational “experts” and the child down the street who started reading Harry Potter at age 3, if you truly want to answer this question, put it all aside.  None of it matters.  What is left is your child, and that’s exactly where we’ll start.



The Montessori language materials are phenomenal. They are multi-sensory, concrete and each lesson is taught to your child one-on-one. This allows our specially trained teachers to adjust the lesson in any direction based on your child’s actual abilities and learning style. So while we cannot tell you the exact age your child will start to read, we can tell you that if they are enrolled at the Montessori Academy at Belmont Greene, when the moment comes, they will be ready.




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