Our teachers are partners, not bosses.

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The desire to learn, grow and explore is innate. It is a little flame that flickers within each child, from birth. What parents and teachers may not recognize is that it is far easier to extinguish that flame than to nurture it. When learning becomes arbitrary and a child’s work is more about the teacher’s agenda than the child’s specific needs and interests, when mistakes are penalized instead of being opportunities to learn, the result can be drastic and life-long. Anyone who has worked for a difficult boss knows the feeling.  Adults can shrug it off (for a while), but children cannot.

Montessori teachers are trained to be a child’s guide, not the boss. The children are the most important people in the room. We spend as much time presenting lessons as we do trying to get out of their way to let them learn. We provide an environment that offers freedom within limits and we teach children to make their own decisions and answer their own questions so that they can care for themselves, their environment and even look out for their peers. We partner with your child in math, reading, writing, science, music, art, Spanish and the full gamut of social/emotional skills in a whole-child approach you won’t find anywhere else. Let us show you the Montessori difference.  Contact us today.

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