Our Program Offerings

Early Montessori: 16mo - 3yrs


Montessori Academy Celebrates Every Child's Potential

We are in awe of the incredible capacity for learning and growth on display at this age.

Quite suddenly, during this period, the world begins to open up to the child. Up to now, the mind has been primarily egocentric. However, new thoughts increase awareness and desire to connect with others. Our Montessori teachers guide children through well-conceived lessons, thoughtful teacher/child interaction, peer relationships, and a carefully planned environment. The result is a foundational set of social and emotional skills, executive functioning, and the character traits needed to contribute to a community.

Authentic Montessori

Montessori's philosophy and practice have stood the test of time. You'll find authentic Montessori in all of our classrooms and in everything we do.

Most Experienced Faculty in Loudoun

We have only hired 2 new teachers in the last 18 years. Many of our faculty have been together since 2001.

You are Family

Montessori is not just for your child. Our master teachers will partner with your entire family so we can all grow together.

Early Montessori Program Hours:​

Early Drop-off (7:30-8:30) may be added to any schedule.


Elevating the Standard of Early Childhood Education

Montessori Academy will take your child's education to another level
with personalized guidance at every step.