What MAB Parents Say

What MAB Alumni Say

“Attending MAB from age 4 through 3rd grade instilled in me a love for learning and taught me valuable organizational and time-management skills. Each week, Mr T would have us create a plan for what we wanted to accomplish that week. Then we had to work that plan to accomplish those goals. As a Division 1 athlete, this skill has come in very handy. I identify my goals and breakdown the steps needed to accomplish those goals. I also appreciate the time-management skills that I learned at MAB that have helped me balance academics and athletics.”
-Former MAB Student, Duke University Collegiate All-American

“I went to MAB from the age of 3 through 1st grade. One of the things I liked best about MAB was the way the older children taught the younger ones. This instilled confidence in me and built my leadership and communication skills. These skills helped me when I was my high school’s Sophomore Class President and now as I serve in student government in college and as an Ambassador for the Computer Science Department at Clemson University.”
-Former MAB Student, Elliott Jordan

“MAB will always be an excellent school that facilitates learning at its best and welcomes families with open arms. Thank you for a wonderful life experience for not only our children but for the parents as well.” -Denise Hartzler

“When we walked into the Montessori at Belmont Greene (MAB) school we knew we had found something special. We talked with the administrators, we toured the school, we sat in on a class, and we brought our son in for a lesson. What grabbed us and solidified our desire to enroll our son was the commitment of the administrators and the teachers. It is very much a family at MAB.” –Lisa Barr

“We, and our children, can’t thank the school and staff enough for the lessons they learned while there, both academically and socially…Our 3 kids were very different types of students/learners but they each took away the maximum possible from the Montessori method, and learned to challenge themselves…If we had it to do all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing about our MAB experience, except to make it longer.” –Ted Veazey

“The level of dedication and commitment the teachers and staff exhibit is really impressive. Everyone seems happy to be there.”

“MAB is like a school family. Most teachers know my daughter by name and she knows them and is very comfortable and confident about school. I feel like she is going to school with people who care about her almost as much as I do!”

“It is a wonderful school with caring teachers who bring out the best in your child. I feel my son has learned a lot about science… I feel it is an extension to his day… coming up with so many creative things for the children to do and learn in a fun way.”

“Great teachers and awesome staff. You are doing a great job.”

“Good diversity. Low turn over amongst teachers.”

“I think MAB is fantastic and have recommended it to many of my friends/acquaintances.”

“I think all parents should know that the environment supports the growth of the child’s emotional independence which allows for the academics to fall into place naturally. It’s not just an environment where children are free to do as they wish but it’s a place where their confidence grows.”

“Great environment for children.”

“Great Teachers!”

“That the culture (that embraces muti-modal learning, curiosity respect for others and teamwork, and teaches the delay of gratification) creates a foundation for children’s future learning.”

“The children are receiving a great education for their whole self, not just their academic self.”

“The teachers really see and appreciate each child for their own special qualities. I’ve seen my daughter run from across the room to hug…, this gives me such joy and comfort, knowing that my kids are being taught by people who really love them as people.”

“Parents should know that the continuation of the Montessori philosophy/technique at home is very important for continuity and success. The confidence and independence it teaches the kids. It makes them so happy. They truly beam. I think the greatest gift you can give your child is to let them know you believe they can do it.”

“Excellent school with very caring staff/teachers.”

“I was so glad I could come in and observe my little girl last Thursday. What a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend that parents engage in this activity whenever possible. It allowed me to see how advanced my daughter has become in the learning/ skills she has gained at MAB. I had no idea how independent she has become and saw her performing activities which I would not have expected from a 3 year old. It has taught me to NOT underestimate her ability to work on certain projects at home. I was also surprised to learn why she loves to take out blankets at home and spread them smoothly on the floor… she is preparing her work space. What a wonderful idea! This is a habit that has been learned at MAB and I will encourage it at home.”

“Please express my thanks to her teaches who appear to be taking wonderful care of her and continue to challenge her daily. I look forward to observing her again in a few months.”

“The school is run very professionally.”