Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing a school for your child is an important decision. In order to assist your consideration, we thought it might be helpful to answer some of the most common questions we have heard from parents over the years.

Quality teachers and staff are the key to successful Montessori schools. Tell me more about your staff?
Throughout our existence, we have developed a gifted group of Montessori teachers and staff who are the heart of our loving, child-centered school environment. Many of our staff members have been with the school since we opened our doors in 2001. The result is a strong, consistent group of master teachers who each contributes to an authentic Montessori experience for parents and children. For more information on our staff, please visit the Meet Our Team page.

How is Montessori different?
Child-lead learning, mixed-age environment, uniquely designed manipulative materials, specially trained and certified teachers where social mastery leads to academic mastery. For a more detailed explanation of what we do, check out our Educational Model page.

I’ve heard there is no imaginative play in Montessori. Is that true?
These days, imaginative play seems to refer to a child’s ability to mimic characters she sees on television rather than developing original creativity. Our philosophy is that young children must first be grounded in reality before being introduced to adult-created fantasy. However, if you’re looking for imagination and creativity on display, you’ll find plenty of it during a 30 minute classroom observation.

What’s in it for parents?
Okay. We don’t actually hear this question too often, but it is one that should be asked by every parent. The school you choose for your child should practice a philosophy of social, emotional and academic development that can be applied at home. Too often, traditional daycare programs are teacher-lead, which means the adult makes most of the decisions and has most of the responsibility. The goal of a parent should be that as the child grows, she becomes less dependent upon the adults around her. This is a stated goal of Montessori and we offer many, many opportunities including parent events, workshops, discussions, blog posts and more, to help you choose the elements of Montessori that work in your own home.

How, when and why do teachers choose what to do with my child?
Another one that we don’t hear too often. Perhaps we shouldn’t call this the Frequently Asked Questions page, after all. At any rate, in Montessori, teachers are trained to follow a method that enables them to match each child with the right lesson at the right time in a way that works uniquely for that child. We are well-versed in social, emotional, physical and brain development and keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest research. In short, there is a well-conceived rationale for everything we do in this environment and it is one of the main differences between a Montessori teacher and everyone else.

Is space available?
MAB enrolls throughout the year from July through April. If a space is not available in one of our classrooms at the moment, parents may place their names on our waiting list by submitting the application form.

Does MAB offer a partial week program for children?
All of our programs are five days per week. A child’s sense of order requires consistency. Whether infant/toddler, primary or elementary, consistent participation in the Montessori class throughout the week allows for the child to quickly integrate and become a full member of the classroom family. A strong level of comfort and familiarity with the teachers and children promotes social and emotional development. In this manner, the child is able to fully connect with his or her environment and therefore receive the most benefit from time in the classroom. We would be pleased to discuss the specific needs of your child. Please contact Bart Theriot by phone at 703-729-7200 to check on availability.

Where is MAB located?
We are fortunate to have found a location for MAB on a 3-acre wooded campus adjacent to a wetlands preserve in Belmont Greene in Ashburn, VA. The school is at the corner of Portsmouth Boulevard and Winkle Drive. Belmont Greene is conveniently located on Belmont Ridge Road (VA 659), 1.5 miles south of Route 7, the main east west route in Loudoun County and 1.5 miles north of the Greenway, an expressway connecting Leesburg to Tyson Corner and onward to I 66 and Washington D.C.

Belmont Greene is the first Traditional Neighborhood Development in Northern Virginia. MAB fits perfectly in this unique walking community designed for pedestrians, not automobiles. Belmont Greene includes mixed generational neighborhoods, numerous small parks and soon village shops all connected by footpaths and tree lined sidewalks. The Washington Old Dominion Bike Trail is the northern border of Belmont Greene. We see marvelous opportunities for Montessori activities for the children around Belmont Greene.