Why Choose Montessori Academy at Belmont Greene?

Family Owned and Operated:
Owners and certified Montessori teachers Bart, Beth and Larry Theriot founded the Montessori Academy in 2001. We maintain a constant presence to ensure continuity and consistency of our programs.

Faculty of Master Teachers:
ALL head teachers are Montessori certified and have at least 8 years of teaching experience with the Montessori Academy. Many have been with us since we opened in 2001. We are experts in the fields of Montessori and child development.

Montessori Certified Directors:
Director and Academic Dean, Beth Theriot has over 35 years of Montessori experience. She is our mentor to all faculty. She is also the mother of 3 grown Montessori children.
Director and Administrator Bart Theriot has nearly 20 years of Montessori experience and is a Montessori alumni. He is very involved in the parent community, holding workshops and speaking at schools along the East Coast. Bart is also the father of 4 Montessori boys.

All-Day Montessori:
Unlike some schools which offer Montessori in the morning and daycare in the afternoon, the Montessori Academy practices all-day Montessori. Our certified teachers remain with the students for their entire day to provide continuous Montessori (philosophy, environment and materials) from 8:30 to 6:00.

Montessori Teacher Training:
We are the site of the Northern Virginia Montessori Institute AMS teacher education program, owned and operated by Bart and Beth Theriot. Many of our faculty are instructors and participate in the program, which is the only one of its kind in Northern Virginia. In 8 years, we have certified more than 150 Montessori teachers, many of whom still work in the Northern Virginia area.

Montessori Facilities:
Specially designed for children by Beth Theriot. Over 15,000 square feet of bright, spacious area including classrooms, a gymnasium, library and elementary wing. Our 3 acre wooded grounds offer two playgrounds, garden boxes, outdoor classrooms and a nature trail, maintained by our elementary students.

Ask around. Look online. You’ll quickly see that parents and the Montessori community-at-large have nothing but great things to say about the Montessori Academy.